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Wednesday, April 30, 2008 9:26 PM

`l0ving y0u,missing y0u, is what i d0 in my daily life:D


back t0 p0sting:)
t0day went t0 sch00l as per n0rmal luhs.
kinda tired, m0rning was late, went f0r m0rning runx(
super tired&sweaty luhs!arghhhs=[
after that, less0ns as n0rmal,
s0&s0, recess, alvin help me buy rice, hahas, thanks:))
after that, eat luhs, den jiu g0 f0r art class,
paint my cap & 0utline, teacher ask me t0 bring it h0me t0 stich!
LOLS. but, scared f0rget, l0ls. ermmm,
den s0 & s0, arranged table f0r exam,
ps less0n, teacher g0 in my bl0g, den ppl see see luhs.
t0day t0pic is ab0ut bl0gging luhs. hahas.
after that, went t0 alvin h0use, as n0rmal, wait f0r him bath,
den his father send us t0 888:DD
den after that heard that chai g0t beaten by a pri 5 b0y!!adps.
r0ars, den we cabbed there, de guy run ler.
den we g0 888, alvin buy ice bag f0r him t0 put 0n his face, blueblack!.
r0ars, after that, g0 eat, den alvin sent me h0me, with audrey,kamen,ku0ha0.
alvin is w0rried b0ut his br0ther luhs.
ermmm, just wanna say,
brendan, whatever things y0u d0, rmb, why he care, is bec0s, he is y0ur br0ther,
& he have de resp0nsibility t0 takecare 0f y0u& n0t he wanna c0ntr0l y0u.
hmmms, i wish, y0ur w0nt quarell uhs.
anything, sit d0wn, table talk 0kays. h0pe y0u guys will be 0kay:))
tml n0 sch00l, weeeeeee~`` happy b0d0hs.
tml g0ing 888 again bahs. maybe studying? l0ls.
thats f0r t0day:)
thanks f0r reading, readers

last but n0t least,
i l0ve him, like n0 0ne will ever feel the l0ve f0r himx)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 8:19 PM

T0day went t0 ite again, last day there,
tea break time, b0ut 10 plus, i was queuing f0r f00d,
saw 00p was b0ys t0ilet & saw jefferey, LOLS.
after eating, but sweets at de c0-op sh0p, den g0 d0 al0t 0f things,
den finally finish ler, g0 back sch00l, wait f0r audrey,
after they release, luke came t0 fetch bilian,
in de end g0t taiji within, luke,alvin&kamen,
haiis, hard t0 explain, just like, kamen father came d0wn,
but, 0ne thing is, i feel that, luke sh0uldn't s0 ch0ngd0ng & start quequ ,
n0w already swarh lia0s, ...
after that went t0 kuku h0use, wait him bathe, den g0 888 with kamen all,
kuku lend me m0ney eat, c0s, i n0 m0re m0ney lers,
den pei me eat, den after that sent me h0me luhs, walk fr0m 888:)
kinda tiring,
created new bl0g uhs,
after im d0ne, will link it derhs:)
thanks readers,
last but n0t least,

Monday, April 28, 2008 7:32 PM

b0y, y0u w0rth it pain, & i pr0mise, y0u're w0rth it:))

Today 0ur class went t0 yishun ite , f0r c0urse luhs,
m0rning was abit late, luckily t0day is m0nday, n0 need g0 f0r run, phew,
after singing sch00l s0ng, mr lim talktalktalk, den we g0 d0wn f0r breakfast,
den jiu wait f0r bus c0me luhs,
sat with kuku:) den super tired luhs, went there, see see,
al0t 0f ta b0r luhs, den de teacher is kp wan l0r.=X
after that g0t teabreak ,den lunch time& tea break again,
quite fun, but, sibei sians, keep fall asleep:] LOLS, HEEHEEHEES[x
s0 & s0, playplayplay, till finally 3plus, teacher call de driver c0me,
den jiu pei kuku g0 h0me, wait him bathe, den g0 888.
0kays, me & kuku never patch,
0ur r/s is very c0mplicated, hard t0 explian,
s0, d0n ask we patch already issit, if patch ler, i will sure say derhs[x
&& bilian gf, psps, tis few day n0 c0ntact y0u, ISTILLLOVEYOULAHS.assh0le=x
i cant see y0ur bl0g leh. b0 invite me, :( bad,bad....


will he s00n be mine, h0pe s0,
i will wait f0r him t0 clear the r/s within he&his stead bbahs.
hmmmms, im right here waiting f0r y0u, baybee:D

&&im n0t a third party, in the r/s, its c0mplicated,
n0 0ne is in fault, just, COMPLICATED alrights,

thanks reader,

Sunday, April 27, 2008 9:33 PM

T0day wake up very early, but sian,
c0s, kuku still haven wake up, actually wanna meet earlier de,
they all like pig, sleep & delay very l0ng.
they meet me 2.30 at 888, they reached b0ut 3.40. super delay luhs.
bef0re they c0me, kamen m0ther g0 buy drink, den i help her tend sh0p,
she buy me d0nut:) thanks:DD
while eating, they came, finally, pei them g0 eat n0rhs.
s0&s0, after that, kamen father came, ask us g0 his h0use slack,
den went luhs, kuku&kh play d0ta first, den i sleep awhile 0n de fl00r,
after that me & kuku g0 kamen r00m, air c0n shi0k shi0k si0l:)
after that b0ut 7plus lerh. g0 eat, den kuku sent me h0meee:DD
heeheehees[x quite a fun day luhs.
but, s0me0ne really keep disturbing meeeee=X r0ars!.
very tired lia0s, sleeping s00n.
d0nn0 why kuku keep pain, wish kuku faster 0kay,
he sleeping lia0. hahas.
tml g0ing ite lehs. aisehsaisehs.
h0pe tml is a fun day:)


Saturday, April 26, 2008 11:36 PM

Today m0rning wake up early,
g0 t0 sch00l, c0s g0t cip,
meet kuku all 7.30 @ interchange.
saw cherylene friendfriend, talktalk, she just came back fr0m dx0.
LOL. den get int0 de same bus. sat beside her,
talktalk n0rhs. after that, reach sch00l,
waitwaitwait, den start cip ler.
tired luhs. LOL. g0ing up & d0wn.
abit em0, kinda sad, n0w 0kays ler.
after that, went h0me, bathe & prepare t0 library study,
in de end, full h0use, den jiu g0 888 kfc study.
g0t, me,alvin,audrey,kamen,nick,nels0n,brendan&ku0ha0:)
LOL. den study, eat, play. den g0 kamen m0ms sh0p ler luhs.
sit d0wn, talktalk, em0em0,
after that, went t0 yishun safara t0 meet,
we all have fun, they played p00l again luhs.
after that they g0 eat, i didnt eat.
kuku 0rdered me a can 0f drink, l0ls..
after that came back t0 888.
abit taiji happens.l0ls.
but, im super happy t0day.
i h0pe this m0ments stays f0rever,
with0ut any0ne disturbs.
i swear, i w0nt f0rget t0day:)

Friday, April 25, 2008 8:22 PM

I still love you ;D
'b0y, n0things g0nna change my l0ve f0r y0u:)

t0day went t0 sch00l again,
m0rning knew tat n0 m0dern dance, sibei high ahs.
LOL. t0day pe g0 f0r 2.4 run,
after that kuuk leg cramp, i fu him leh.
see, i SOO GOOD, lol, bhb.=X
den c0ntinue run, luckly hengheng passed.
is tired de l0rh.
ms l00 cried, i feel s0 sad, classmate, pls, ms l00 is human,
d0n ever bully her again. assh0les.
n0t feeling well t0day, ate 2pan0d0l during recess with0ut f00d,
den feel like v0miting, den buy 2sandwhich, better.
keep c0ughing.den keep wan v0mit, LOL.
after that, s0& s0, tests, tired,
after sch00l, g0 slack den g0 888 again,
its fun 0kay, hmmms, after that me,ku0ha0&shenglee pei kuku g0 h0me bath.
ps. i slept 0n his bed, i was really t00 tired, den was hugging my piggy

i miss him n0rhs. HMMs, after he bath finish jiu kpkb say wan g0 kamen hse,
den g0 there, sit 0n stair, emo.
LOL. after that g0 back 888 till 7plus, walk back,
with, alvin,kamen,audrey,ku0ha0,link0rk0r,raymen&kheng li:)
wr0ted s0mething f0r b0y t0day.
hais, b0y, cant we get t0gether again?
i really wish we c0uld, the happiness, have y0u f0rg0tten?
chalet mem0ries r0cks 0kay, de place where we h0ld 0ur hand walking t0 changi village.
y0u sick, i take care y0u. i really l0ve y0u,
i was drunk, y0u sent me t0 r00m & wait me sleep.
b0y, please, lets give 0urself a chance , i pr0mise, i will change my fucking attitude derh.
i kn0w i always make y0u angry&sad, but, i pr0mise,
if we can be t0gether again, i will 0nli make y0u happy&xingfu de.
i miss y0u warmth arm b0y, i wish y0u will hug me & say, lets start afresh.
de best thing is , hug me fr0m behind, & say, y0u are n0t g0nna leave anym0re.
i g0t 2 dream tat we patch again, & we're very happy.
b0y, i really h0pe my dream c0me true,
i really need y0u si0l.
i promise, if y0u can c0me back t0 me,
i will put y0u in the first place in my heart,
& i will always l0ve y0u.
boy, be mine last r0mance,

0r, y0u give me less 3years life but, i want him back can?
let it be the deal?GOD, I REALLY NEED HIM.

Thursday, April 24, 2008 7:42 PM

Today is a normal sch00l, m0rning was late while meeting audrey,
s0, we reach sch00l late& have t0 g0 f0r m0rning run,
i sweat like fuck, seri0usly super h0t!
den after that, less0ns luhs.
quite a fun day t0day.
t0day is learning j0urney, went t0 science centre,
played al0t, at first i walk al0ne, den saw weijie,
& asked him t0 acc me, den saw kamen alvin nic all,
sit d0wn slack, den kamen& alvin jiu talk t0 me,
al0t lah, my tears falls t00, but, its 0kay lah, i use t0 be this way, d0n't ii?
den f0ll0w them, den they g0 buy sweet, kuku buy me 1 strawberry de:)
after that, play play play, went t0 mac eat, after that play water.
after that, bus c0me ler, sit infr0nt kuku, den he tickle w0!!!-.-"
after that, keep listen s0ng, em0, sleep, play,LOL
quite a fun day lahs.
after that went t0 kamen m0thers sh0p with,
alvin & kamen, stay till 7plus den c0me back h0me,
talked al0t there, alvin all pei me wait f0r bus,
after that take 169 h0me:D
super tired man, t0m0rr0w m0re tiring nehs..=[
sighhhs, seri0usly very tired lia0s,
really enj0yed t0day, l0ts 0f fun...

& wish kamen & audrey last l0ngl0ng:D
hey, d0n think t00 much yahs, bad f0r health-.-"

thanks readers,
i still didn't give up himxD
its all because, its hard t0 let g0...
i wish, he will hug me & say, he l0ves me,& wanna be with meee,
but, im just dreaming...-.-"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008 7:43 PM

t0day went t0 sch00l as per n0rmal luhs[x
g0t less0ns, & g0t my ch0c p0cky t0day:)
HEEHEES, study study, art, d0d0d0,
den s00n jiu end sch00l lia0s,
after sch00l went t0 cwp,
g0t s0me pr0blems, n0w 0kays lia0s.
after that went t0 888, kamen m0thers sh0p,
with alvin,audrey,kamen&gu0 ha0.
just reach h0me 0nli, si bei tired,
just n0w g0t free p0cky again,w00ah.
em0, listening t0 anjing & cried,
alvin came & wanted t0 st0p de music, i d0n give,
den he say i give him attitude, den angry de g0 h0me sleep ler,
hmmms, hais, g0 care y0ur stead bahs,
t0 y0u, im just a friend, n0rmal friend,
& t0 y0u, stead is the m0st imp0rtant pers0n in y0ur life,isn't it?
t0day didn't 0nline, n0t free,
tml d0n feel like g0ing sch00l si0l, c0s need g0 science centre,
sighhs,s fcuk si0l, very tired,
g0ing bathe s00n,

boy, there are th0usands 0f reas0ns,
i ch00sen y0u but n0t 0thers,
h0wever, n0 matter h0w much i wan y0u,
y0u als0 w0nt be mine,
& all i can d0, is see y0u l0ving 0ther girl,
i d0n feel g00d, but,
i just have t0 turn & l00k 0n the fl00r and say,
s0rry f0r pestering, i've g0t t0 give up.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 3:46 PM

so sad, i see this mv till i seri0usly cried, its super sad alrights...:(
t0day was n0rmal sch00l day,
g0t less0ns like n0rmal 0f c0urse,
art less0n, i start my painting 0n the caps ler, finally,
den after that recess, jiu g0 f0r physics,
after that, eng, teacher never c0me, em0 in class, really tears dr0p.
den after sch00l, take bus with christina t0 cwp.
den jiu went h0me myself :)

t0day is a fucking sad day,
i smsed him again, & i ask the fcking questi0n,
"y0u sure we are imp0ssible t0 patch?"
he said "Yes . "
i really cried straight away after i seen the sms,
my heart is really br0kkenned, why i just cant have him?
im sure, n0 0ne l0ves him m0re that wad i d0 0kays.
everything bec0me like this, maybe is my fault bahs,
if last time we didn't break, n0w already 1year plus ler.
seri0usly, i feel that i very useless,
s0 hard t0 keep a b0y heart,
& cant even be with the guy i really l0ves,
life bec0me s0 fuck up,
i really d0nn0 wad can i d0 t0 f0rget him,
its really hard,
i d0n wish t0 be a third party!!!
& i swear, he don love me anymore.
i guess, i w0nt t0uch the things he give me anym0re,
i just wish that, i can f0rget him ASAP.
i want t0 d0 all the things t0 make myself happy,
if i 0nli make him happy, wh0s g0nnna make me happy?
seri0usly, i really d0n feel g00d 0kay,
maybe this will change my mind f0r staying single,
maybe, i wanna have a b0yfriend,
age is n0t imp0rtant,
as l0ng as i can l0ve him bahs,
MY LOVEEEEEE ; come t0 me,
i h0pe, i can met my right MR RIGHT.


Just n0w went t0 883 with nathalie mummy,
we g0 pack f00d h0me, n0w super full,
chatted 0n msn with friends:)
Gan-la0g0ng: ADRAIN :D(CUTE)

&& ph0t0s will be upl0aded s00n=X

thanks reader:)

waiting f0r my l0veeee ; il0vesGANSx33

Monday, April 21, 2008 6:46 PM

[if you cant stop the music, click on the video & it will bring y0u t0 y0utube website & can see it thr0ugh there:D]

PLAYING:tearsdrop on my guitar video, MEANINGFUL, must see:)

Today went t0 sch00l as n0rmal luhs,
while taking bus, alvin seat behind me, pulling my hair, i keep turning back,
he asked me, i angry with him? i said n0, den he still c0ntinue pulling-.-"
actually, im n0t angry, seri0usly very upset b0ut that, but,
since even if d0n have her, we als0 imp0ssible, s0, i d0n care bahs,
t0day g0t c0unselling, was late f0r that=X
den talk talk with mr ye0 , den jiu recess ler, ate spagettie :)
den eng, keep laughing wid xinr0u in class, l0ls,
kenny was sh0wing de LC l00k t0 me again, its s0....-.-""
after that ge0, alvin was plucking 0ut de br0ken wind0w den i g0 pluck de glass & play:)
he snatch it fr0m me, den g0 cut his hand, -.-"
den i als0 cut=X
while, he cut als0 d0nn0 f0r wad, maybe his steady bahs. hmmms, bad,bad..
den al0t 0f bl00d, actually, i see ler als0 heartpain, but, sh0uldn't be me heart pain,
sh0uld be his steady bahs, s0, didn't think much b0ut that,
den i jiu sms him, tell him be c0nsiderate, de stead see ler will heartpain de,
den he sc0ld me huan l0, kns, ha0 xin tell him den he kp w0_l_"
f0rget t0 menti0n, al0t 0f times, tears was ab0ut t0 fall t0day,
even when singing sch00l s0ng, bec0s, i was thinking 0n s0mething that spare me a th0ught, kinda heartbreaking luhs, but, as wad i say, i will f0rget him,
& as wad he say, we're imp0ssible& i shall face the reality:)
errrmmmms, fcuking jeal0us can?! hais, d0n talk b0ut that, sp0il m00d,
after sch00l, went t0 m0s burger with audrey, studying,
den after that kamen&kenny came, & this when jj0kes came,
d0n n0 wad kenny say wad flat breast& airp0rt & stuffs, make me LMAO.
LOLSS. seri0usly, l0ts 0f fun:) after that, pei kamen g0 his m0ther sh0p, den pei him g0 h0me , he jiu sent audrey h0me luhs.
n0thing much happen t0day bahs. just SADNESS is r0und the c0rner:X

(b0y, this is f0r y0u, & 0nce again, its true:D)
(& hope that she loves you more than wad i do bahs=X)

Zhi sheng xia gang qin pei wo tan le yi tian
Only the piano accompanies me throughout the day
Shui jiao de da ti qin
The sleeping cello
An Jing de jiu jiu de
Quiet and so old
Wo xiang ni yi biao xian de fei chang ming bai
I think you've made yourself clear
Wo dong wo ye zhi dao
I know and I'm sure
Ni mei you she bu de
You don't regret
Ni shuo ni ye hui nan guo wo bu xiang xin
You say you're upset too, that I don't believe
牽著你陪著 我也只是曾經
Qian zhe ni pei zhe wo ye zhi shi cheng jin
You being with me was in the past
Xi wang ta shi zhen de bi wo hai yao ai ni
I hope he loves you more than I do

wo cai hui bi zi ji li kai
Only then will I bring myself to leave

Ni yao wo shuo duo nan kan
You want me to say it, but it is awkward
Wo gen ben bu xiang fen kai
I don't even want to break up
Wei she me hai yao wo yong wei xiao lai dai guo
Why must I depend on a smile to tide me through?
Wo mei you zhe zhong tian fen
I don't have the ability
bao rong ni ye jie shou ta
To accept both you and him
Bu yong dan xin de tai duo
Don't worry too much
Wo hui yi zhi hao hao guo
I'll still be fine
Ni yi jin yuan yuan li kai
You've already gone far away
Wo ye hui man man zou kai
And I will slowly walk away
Wei she me wo lian fen kai dou qian jiu zhe ni
Why is it that I have to accommodate you even when [we] break up?
Wo zhen de mei you tian fen
I really don't have the ability
An jing de mei zhe me kuai
Staying silent doesn't come so fast
Wo hui xue zhe fang qi ni
I will learn to give you up
Shi ying wei wo tai ai ni
Because I love you so much

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see
That I want and I'm needing everything that we should be
I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about
And she's got everything that I have to live without
Drew talks to me, I laugh cause its so damn funny
That I can't even see anyone when he's with me
He says he's so in love, he's finally got it right,
I wonder if he knows he's all I think about at night

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do
Drew walks by me, can he tell that I can't breathe?
And there he goes, so perfectly,
The kind of flawless I wish I could be
She'd better hold him tight, give him all her love
Look in those beautiful eyes and know she's lucky cause

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do
so I drive home alone, as I turn out the light
I'll put his picture down and maybe
Get some sleep tonight
He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only one who's got enough of me to break my heart
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do
He's the time taken up, but there's never enough
And he's all that I need to fall into..
Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see.

Sunday, April 20, 2008 5:50 PM

t0day went t0 amk hub wid my m0ther&sister,
g0 there walk walk luhs,
my m0m b0ught me a lip gl0ss @ $7.90 :D ;
after that jiu went t0 eat mac l0hs.
hmmms, n0thing much happens t0day,
t0m0rr0w sch00ling again lerhs,
hmmms, h0w am i g0nna face him nerh?
maybe i sh0uld just take it easy bahs:)
alth0ugh, i still haven f0rget him,
but, im 0n my way ler,
h0pe can f0rget asap bahs.
while sh0pping, saw 1 big cr0ck sh0e, OMG,
my m0ther say if i can fits 0n it, she will buy it f0r me, LOLS.
s0 erxin luhs. .HAHAHAHAHAHAS=X

Love is n0t everything,
i wanna be a independent lady:D

Friends&Gans are LOVEDDDD♥♥♥ :DD

h0pe, t0m0rr0w will be a better day ,
i wish, he WONT hurt me anymore,
friendship wont change t0 relati0nship anym0re:(

but, i will still smile

thanks reader

Saturday, April 19, 2008 6:49 PM

If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't like you. If I hadn't liked you, I wouldn't love you. If I wouldn't love you, I wouldn't miss you. But I did, I do and I will , but, n0w, everything changed, & g0d bless me that i can faster f0rget y0u:D
T0day went t0 braddell, lukeye0 h0use, waited f0r him super duper l0ng,
he is still de same, scared me will eat him up:D
after that walked t0 KS h0use, den we went t0 take train t0 bugis,
i suggested t0 g0 bugis because i wanted t0 buy de budget watch, t0tally red($5) HAHAS.
buy ler, den luke jiu wan buy cl0thes f0r bilian , s0 keep walking, super tired,
went t0 sphere t0 see the b0ss, say hal0, den chat chat, jiu c0ntinue pei luke see shirt,
i think he b0ught 2shirt f0r bilian c0st 40plus, 0r m0re 0r less? n0t sure,
while, me&bilian waited f0r them at de end 0f bugis street, he & KS super l0ng,
den i si bei pek cek, stand ler, den find a r0adside there t0 sit,
g0t 1 van drive pass, a lady dr0p d0wn fr0m de van, c0me intr0duce herself & shake hand with me, i chuah sai, i d0nn0 is hu, den she ask me interested t0 be a s0 call m0del, f0r 4days, & can earn $150-180, den i was like,ERH? she say she fr0m munchy d0nut de,
she say 0nli serve ppl d0nut& give the flyers at singap0re exp0, i asked f0r the date, she say 22april, den i think, sch00l day leh, den i rejected, she jiu ask BL ,den she d0n wan, she ask me g0t friend t0 intr0, i say d0n think s0, den she say nvm ty, den i say ty als0 luhs.
LOLS. sh0ck till man, den after that ks called, they came back, after 25mins, finally,
s0, went t0 m0s burger & eat, went arcade, jiu take train h0me ler,
while, in the train, i listen t0 s0ngs, l00king 0ut de glass wind0w,
keep thinking & thinking, i realise, all the l0ve i gaven , t0 him its just a n0nsense bah,
s0, i keep thinking, & i finally kn0w that, i sacrifices al0t, n0w, i decided t0 give up t0tally.
alth0ugh, f0r me is hard, but, i will try my best,
i d0n wan t0 be third party, alth0ugh, i hate him f0r th0se pr0mise which are br0kenned,
but, i d0n give a fucking damn.
den jiu think, i d0n wan t0 bec0s 0f a tree& give up the entire f0rest, s0,
i really wanna give up, alth0ugh, i d0nn0 can i success an0t,
but, i will try my very best:)
LOVE cann0t be F0RCED.
i d0n wan t0 break them up,
i decided t0 let myself hurt den let 2ppl hurt luhs.
actually, f0r me, i love him al0t, but,
l0ving is equal t0 letting g0,
ppl say, if y0u really l0ve de pers0n, y0u must let him/her g0,
s0, i decided t0 let him g0:DD maybe like wad ppl say,
after all th0se sadness&pain, i can find till my true l0ve bahs.
i believe my l0ve f0r him is ti0ngxim & true,
but, since i cant get back de same thing, n0 p0int.
we are imp0ssible, & i'll face the reality:))
i want t0 study hard&& get better results.
i wan t0 be happy all day l0ng,
i wan t0 make m0re friends & gans._. :]
i wanna learn t0 l0ve myself:D
a l0ve b00k say,
d0n f0rce y0urself t0 f0rget s0me0ne,
& d0n need t0 beg a pers0n t0 l0ve y0u again,
bec0s, 0nli if y0u beg de pers0n den he will l0ve y0u,
y0u sure its wad y0u wanted?& by that time, als0 n0t sure is l0ve 0r pity:(
i belive, i can get a better b0y derh.
thanks f0r friends&gans that are c0ns0ling me:)

LOVE is n0t that simple, pe0ple, remember,
d0n take n0 c0nfident relati0nship's, it will 0nli hurt y0urself m0re:)

be happy, c0s, there are friends beside y0uuuu:DDD

我会试着去忘记你,(i'll try t0 f0rget y0u')
虽然我没有信心,(alth0ugh, i d0n have c0nfident,)
(but,i believe, if i have de determination,i'' f0rget y0u:))
我会把伤心和难过留给自己,(i'll keep the sad&pain t0 myself,)
应为,我要你开心,(bec0s, i want y0u t0 be happy,)
虽然我不能和你在一起,(alth0ugh, i cant be wid y0u,}
但是,我以满足了。(but, already en0ugh f0r me ler.)
不在乎天长地久,(i d0n care 0f being t0gether f0rever,)
只在乎称经拥有。(but, just had been t0gether bef0re:D)

y0ur happiness, is mine happiness t00:D
besties f0r life, can we?

pe0ple, EMO is my l0veeee:D
s0, d0n be suprise t0 see me em0ing.

7:53 AM

m0rning p0st t0day,
fucking sad, ytd, i f0und 0ut that,
he already have stead ler, but, why he still wan treat me s0o g00d,
& sent me wr0ng message by his em0ti0n?
& pe0ple t0ld me, its when i stead wid mr h00n time,
he g0 stead with de B4, nabei.
r0ars, i asked him, he didn't reply my sms.
fucking sad, cried 0ver the ph0ne when im talking t0 audrey,
at that time, i m h0lding 0n t0 my pen knife,
i really feel like cutting very very hard,
but, if my m0m saw, im g0nna be dead,
i really feel very heartbr0ken yesterday night,
i w0nder, if he hug, kiss, sms her all day.
i really hate t0 kn0w it_l_ but, wadever is g0ne, its g0ne.
i als0 did pr0mise, i w0nt l0ve him again.
i will try my very best t0 give up him derh.
c0s, i always say, when i l0se s0me0ne & hurted myself badly,
i will f0und my perfect prince:)
s0rry t0 friends,
i d0 cut my hand, its bec0s, DEPRESSION.
i d0n have a ch0ice, cutting myself makes me feels better,
i cut 1 0nly. i really d0nn0 h0w t0 face him 0n m0nday,
perhabs, i d0nn0 will i talk t0 him 0r n0t,
but, all i wanted t0 say is, he fucking br0ke my heart:((
im seri0usly very disapp0inted in him.
i t0t, we c0uld be t0gether again,
but, its all my 0wn th0ughts,
& de sms he sent, hurt me very badly:(((
i rather y0u kill me by a gun, than knifing my heart again & again.
I really didn't kn0w, y0u will bec0me like this,
didnt't y0u said, y0u wanna be single f0r 2m0nths?
LJW. hais, really, y0u changed super l0t, last year the y0u, is different,
i use t0 l0ve y0u al0t, till de day i l0se y0u,
i realise, y0u changed, y0u always gave up me bec0s 0f 0ther girls,
i wanna ask y0u, why, when y0u have stead, still ask me help y0u wipe sweat?
why still let me c0mb y0ur hair f0r y0u?
why still treat me that g00d? & why still wan play with me?
if im y0ur stead, & y0u play wid y0ur ex-girlfriend,
i w0nt say anything, but, give y0u 2tight slap,
& let y0u kn0w, my l0ve f0r y0u, are seri0usly n0thing.
i love y0u, i really l0ve y0u,
but, y0u d0n't .
i will give up & find a better guy derhs.
i wish, i didn't kn0w y0u bef0re, s0, i w0nt get hurt:((
friends, im s0o sad & heart br0kenned:(((


Friday, April 18, 2008 6:37 PM

emo couple
`we seems s0 cl0se, but, friendship c0ulndt replace relationship,
we cant be t0gether anym0re:(( LOVE KILLS_l_ '

Today, g0 t0 sch00l as n0rmal,
m0rning PE played rugby again,
sweats~ after that maths, ms loo gave worksheets, den she left f0r meeting,
s0, we was like, d0ing 0ur w0rk luhs.
after that, recess, eat, squezzing in, 0ne guy kept pushing me_l_"
well, t0day, is a freaking sad day luhs.
hmmms, was d0ing friendship bands, after sch00l,
g0 m0dern dance, while, FCUKING SAD.
i feel s0 stupid,
0kays, i smsed me, i ask a stupid question " errr, can we like..patch back?"
& his reply was, we are impossible already & please face the reality,
i was fucking sad, tears straight drips & i started t0 cry_l_
n0 0ne will understand h0w i feels:(
i really l0ve him, but, its like, he is sending me the wr0ng message by all his em0ti0ns.
i t0t he l0ve me t00, but, indeed, i was super WRONG!
he eventually just treats me as a friend, just friend.
i really very sad luhs, cried al0t.
i w0nders, i w0nt get t0 feel his hug,love&kiss anym0re,
all mem0ries is killing me, chalet, sembawang park, bishan,bugis,lan shop, playgr0und& al0t al0t m0re, its like, i really needs him,
& i really d0 believes, de m0re i get hurt, de m0re easy f0r me t0 let g0.
why can he just love me, seeing him everyday sch00l days,
everything he d0es, seeked my attention..
i really cant explain h0w much i love him, but,
maybe he understands, but, he d0esnt l0ve me anym0re,
i t0t i can be the princess 0f the fairytales again, but,
eventually, its just my illusion:( we WON'T be t0gether ANYMORE!:((

[I'm n0t supp0sed t0 l0ve y0u, I'm n0t supp0sed to care, I'm n0t supp0sed to live my life wishing y0u were there. I'm n0t supp0sed to w0nder where y0u are 0r what y0u're d0ing, but I can't help it, cause I'm in love with you, its hurt t0 realise that, he is my everything, but, im just nothing to him.]

I w0nder, when y0u l00k int0 my eyes and watch my heart shatter, d0es it break y0ur heart t00, even crack it a little bit?I guess, y0u will feel n0thing bahs, c0s, you love me n0 m0re, isn't it? i really tried very hard t0 let g0, but, it just cant success! i love you, all day long, all my heart is y0u, all my mind is y0u,all my thinking is y0u, & all my misses are y0u! why? because, i love you, like i never did bef0re, & this l0ve is always given t0 y0u:( can y0u tell me? wad must i d0 t0 let y0u satisfied me? i als0 wish, i can turn t0 be a pretty girl,i wish i can be skinny, i wish, i can be rich, s0 i can g0 f0r slimming sessi0n, i can g0 f0r facial every single day, den i can get all th0se things i want, & i can learnt al0t 0f things in 0rder t0 make y0u happy,
y0u said, y0u scared y0u'll hurt me, but, cant y0u see, l0ve is always hurtful, isn't it?since y0u already hurted me, why d0n't y0u hurt me t0 the c0re, s0, i can let g0 0f y0u much m0re easier? its s0o unfair, seeing my friends s0 xingfu, have g00d b0yfriend that ti0ngxim & treat them g00d, but, after l00king at myself, i feel s0 fucking jeal0us & i h0pe i can meet g0d, i wish g0d can let me be a xingfu de girl als0, but, cant, even if g0d really exist in singap0re, w00dlands, he als0 w0nt waste his time t0 find me, because, there are 0ther better pers0n f0r him t0 find,
i kn0w, im n0t a g00d qirlfriend, but, i really did tried, y0u said bef0re, y0u w0nt break my heart anym0re, but, y0u still br0ke it, d0n't y0u? y0u said: y0u will let g0 my hands but, y0u will hug me tight & d0n let me run, y0u letted g0 hugging me, but, i didn't run away, cant y0u see?i kn0w, there are al0t 0f better guys 0ut there, but, by all means, feelings stands everything 0kays,n0 p0int t0 stead with s0me0ne else, while my heart is just y0u? i really s0 in love wid y0uuuu:( but, y0u just d0n fucking understands me,
ROARS, everything seems s0 fucked up, when can i bec0me xingfu? last year, i use t0 be a xxingfu de girl, with my friends jeal0us 0f, n0w? KNS. i became a useless freak & heart br0kenned girl, & ppl will even feel pity f0r me, WHY?
why must we break up in the first place lehs? everything is just a lie,
LOVE is just a nonsense_l_ ; since i cant have y0u, why i still love y0u? is just the feelings & memories that makes me c0uldn't make me thr0ugh:((
293days spent with y0u,but, did y0u even cherish me at all?
ATBW, why cant y0u just fucking understands? there are th0usands 0f reas0ns why im sitll standing beside y0u, trying t0 act str0ng& be y0ur guardian angel, but, wh0 will be my guardian angel? friends & stead isn't the same 0kay, i really wish i can take y0ur burden and share all my time with y0u, & share pr0blems with y0u, i spended s0 many m0nths with y0u, i really feel s0o heartbr0kken:(( n0 0ne understands me, & they will never f0rever:( if i c0uld turn back time, i will ch00se y0u all 0ver againx(
i just wanna let y0u kn0w, y0u are the m0st imp0rtant pers0n in my life:(
but, b0y, im not afraid 0f hurts 0kay, if y0u are beside me, & 0nli we tw0,
i pr0mise, i will hug y0u tighting, & give y0u a tender kiss& pr0ve t0 y0u,
my heart is 0nli y0u, & y0u're the 0ne can be fitted 0kays:D
DEAR AGAIN, can we? n0pe, we can't, I WILL BE STRONG=X


Thursday, April 17, 2008 4:55 PM

Pictures are finally upl0aded:)
t0day went t0 sch00l, shinj0u say yishun ite caught fire,
s0, we w0nt be g0ing ite t0day:( sian dia0 cans. yawns.
stay at sch00l d0 n0thing-.-"
well, quarell with MR KUKU again-.-
hais, very sad n0rhs, he said, he n0t xihan i give de sweet, WALAN EH.
arghhs, but den n0w 0kay lers:)
kinda b0red, played with de wind0w glass t0day,
c0s, 0ur class de wind0w sp0il ler luhs.
den playplayplay, de lines in my hand can see, pinklish^^
l0ls, itchy&pain . but, n0 bleed:DDDhmmms,
after sch00l, went t0 cwp eat with audrey, den walkwalk luhs.
pei her g0 buy her things, den jiu take bus h0me ler luhs.

`Time may take away a moment, but our memories can always bring it back.
its just th0usand 0f reas0ns, why im still here beside y0u:D

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 9:33 PM


s0rry t0 say, ph0t0s will be upl0aded t0mm0rr0w 0r later.

T0day kinda 0kay, stayed at h0me d0 elearning,
m0rning recieved KUKU sms, saying kamen still haven wake up ,
he cann0t d0 lms, r0ars, keep b0mbing kamen,
finally he wake up, called kuku t0 g0 his h0use, kuku say he wanna sleep,
den after that kamen 0n9 den i ask him kuku c0me ler ma, he say n0,
i jiu call him, he say he still sleeping, in de end realise he already at kamen h0use.
super angry! bluff me si0l, BAD;BAD.
0kay, keep chi0nging t0day, keep msn chat & asking f0r answers,
keep adding ppl int0 c0nversati0n,SUPER LAG.
after d0ing, 1plus already, den use c0m d0 my 0wn stuff, eat , play c0m luhs.
t0day while chatting wid kamen, i press vide0 call,
den web cam, alvin sit infr0nt, den chat, den he suddenly say,
my hair very messy=.= den jiu c0mb c0mb.
LOLS. at 4.45 left h0me & waiting f0r audrey at busst0p,
den we jiu g0 t0 kamen h0use luhs. was em0ing,
at staircase, c0s they d0n wan 0pen d00r, den kuku naked 0nli with a b0xer,
ran 0ut & wanted t0 pull me g0 in, i d0n wan, sitted there em0,
tears fl0ws t00, i d0nn0 why, maybe, the place is very relaxing,
just c00ling d0wn myself, den emo em0 em0,
den cried at kamen h0use t00, listening t0 meaningful s0ngs.
den kuku jiu disturb, den i pinch his cheek, pinch his n0se, pull his ear, LOLS.
s0ng ah, he ti0 bully:)))
after that, have a quarell with him, c0s, i kp him, den he angry,
i was like , s0 sad, my bestie angry me, den jiu EMO,
after that g0 883 eat, kamen mummy came t00,
audrey step g00d daughter help her m0ther carry things.
den after that jiu g0 h0me ler luhs.
im g0ing t0 sleep ler.
but, i need t0 g0 bath first,


Tuesday, April 15, 2008 7:16 PM

T0day is a n0rmal sch0ol day luhs.
hmmms, m0rning reach interchange ler,
kamen,alvin&brendan still n0t here yet,
So, we waited f0r them, i smsed alvin(KUKU) he say huanl0,
den his br0 jiu fl00d me sms again,ROARS.
t0day, s0o happy, he finally gave me 2ch0c0late p0cky,
& bilian gave me 3sweets:DD wahahahaas.
0kay, reach sch00l, g0 d0 buy water,
den jiu g0 f0r m0rning runx3
den super tired luhs. after that mrs lau talk t0 us b0ut LMS,
tml n0 sch0oling, weeeeeee~ c0s g0t t0 stay at h0me LMS wh0le day-.-"
after that als0 d0nn0 g0t g0 0ut mahs, kinda b0red, i guess,
mr zaki didn't c0me t0day, henggg, c0s, very tired:X
s0&s0, stayed in class, den recess time,
kuku help me buy rice, wahahaas,
c0s, i beg him derh, he where g0t s0o g00d?!
well, d0nn0 wh0 g0 tell s0me0ne n0nsense,
make kuku s0 angry, 0f c0urse me als0 wil angry lah,
if i kn0w is hu, me&kuku will whack t0gether:)
c0s, the pers0n is talking n0nsense_l_ ...
den s0&s0, less0ns 0n, den mt, g0 3n4 classr00m,
air-c0nned :) den watch a vide0, den de stupid kuku g0 tickle me,
make me s0o pain, n0t itchy! AWWWWWSSSSS=]
well, after sch00l, n0rmal, went t0 cwp,
weijie treat me crystal jade chicken wing:)
den s0&s0, like yesterday, but, ytd is m0re fun:P
well,after that, buy bubbletea at 883,
den kamen&audrey walked me h0meeee:DDD
wahahas,Thanks f0r acc0mpanying:)
&& alm0st f0rget,
kamen&alvin g0 pluck their private part hair in CLASS!!!
0mq, & i help KUKU comb hair till nerd nerd t0day,

thats my w0nderful day,
changed pictures f0r bl0gskin & bl0g s0ng:)
ph0t0s will be upl0aded earliest t0day,
latest by t0m0rr0w:DD



Monday, April 14, 2008 5:45 PM

[i wan this guardian angel necklets s0 much, i f0und this pic fr0m internet,
is s0 cute&nice man, im s0 desperate f0r it!]
(if love is like a love song, i hope this song wont end, & if love is just me&you,
i guess the whole world will be peace)

i believe in tis diagram:)

Today, n0rmal sch00l day luhs.
but, alth0ugh im em0 but, im happy after all:)
& im EMO n0t bec0s im sad, but, just kinda BORED:X
0kays, m0rning, assembly, super tired,
alvin p0int middle finger at d0nn0 hu, teacher ask him g0 behind sit,
t0day is internati0nal friendship day,
FRIENDS:i wish 0ur friendship will last long!
okay, after assembly, g0 class f0r maths,
recess, den jiu g0 f0r less0n,
mr lau use me as eg. f0r de news paper j0urnal, den classmate was like,
wan v0mit, r0ars, can see is kamen&alvin start de_l_
den s0& s0, g0 chinese ler, den d0 newspaper j0urnal again,
den em0. heehees. den de alvin tan d0nn0 use wad t0 hit my leg,pain n0rhs.
0kay, after that finish sch00l, g0 canteen eat, den after that rain,dia0s.
den eat ha0 ler, bilian g0 h0me, me,audrey,kamen&alvin g0 take bus,
i walk in the rain t0day, it was NICEEEE:DDD
den after that play rain luhs.. rain n0t big anyway,
den alvin g0 use his head buah my shirt, c0s his hair wet.
ROARS, in de bus he point me middle finger_l_
den pinch my nose, arghs. super feel like pinching his also.
& f0rget t0 say, t0day fight wid alvin in class. my hand all red si0l.
ARGHHHS. he hit s0 pain... den i keep aim him. HAHAS.
0kay, & he 0wn me POCKY , ch0c0late de 2packet,
HEEHEEHEES[x den i jiu keep kp him.
after sch00l, me bec0me light bulb_l_
me,audrey&kamen went t0 cwp, saw shazwani & haziqah,
we all disc0ver s0mething . we g0ssips al0t.
den i was eating my fav ice-cream n0rhs.WAHAHAAS
i d0n seems like s0me0ne hu just had a break up yesterday, right?
c0s, im str0ng:)
&& even if i really cried, its n0t bec0s 0f him, but, s0me0ne that i missed f0r l0ng=X

&& d0n need t0 even stead even if each an0ther is l0ved,
cl0se friend might be BETTER:DDD

thanks readers,
will change my bl0g pic s00n,
de pic sucks al0t& i kn0w . hahas.

Sunday, April 13, 2008 4:36 PM

ps i love you

pe0ple, now g0nna tell y0u wh0le st0ry ab0ut de break up.
first, bef0re we stead, he said, he 0nli abit interested in me luhs.
0kay, den i b0weig0ng, s0 we stead,
after that, n0w, we break ler.
its like, silent break luhs.
things happen like tis...,
i gave him 2 letters that day,
den luke t0ld me, he didnt give them see my letters(tis 0ne i kn0w)
den he t0ld me, ppl steal his letter & see, 0f c0urse i'll dulan mah,
den i jiu kp him, den at least i still sms him, & i say its n0t his fault&
i said s0rry f0r me being harsh, but, he didn't reply,
den t0day m0rning, until i view his pr0file, i realise that,
he removed me fr0m featured,
deleted my c0mments,
& updated his pr0file,
i was like, >? wads g0ing 0n,
till just n0w, s0me0ne called him & ask,
he said, in de first place he didnt l0ve me tat much,
he feel tat he wasting m0ney c0me wdl always(hello, m0st 0f de time is i g0 braddell, bishan&tpy de h0r)
& he said, its n0t his fault, he never give ppl see de letters,
& he interested in a girl he seen yesterday,
you can fuck 0ff lia0, b0weig0ng ah.

why m0st 0f de b0ys is h0ngster?
c0me 0n lah, girls is better than b0ys 0kay.
seri0usly, am0ng all my ex, tis is de first time g0t tis situation.
dia0. like fuck si0l. at first bef0re i kn0w all tis, i 0nli dr0p tears,
after i kn0w all this i cried:(
but, its 0kay luhs. i als0 n0t very l0ve him,
c0s 0f ----- l0lss. s0, n0t very super sad luhs.
just feel tat we unfair, c0s, always g0t this kind of pr0b de leh.
hais, seri0usly, i d0nn0 why there is a need f0r me t0 even cry.
hmms, everything is FORGOTTEN,
h0ngster will never die, isn't it?

t0m0rr0w sch00ling lers,
hmmms, new t0m0rr0w bahs.
qi shi w0 mei y0u na me ai ni, su0 yi,
w0 bu hui nan guo de.

sometimes, i t0t having a new 0ne,
can f0rget de 0ld 0ne, but, eventually,
its hurting myself m0re, is kamen say derh.


thats the p0st t0day,
i kn0w kinda sian p0st,
tml, i pr0mise will be interesting.

psps. back t0 p0sting,
just n0w went t0 cwp wid aunt,mummy&sis t0 eat KFC.
r0ars, heeheehees. super full, den jiu walk walk at cwp luhs.
super sian, just finished ir0ning cl0thes.
WAHAHAS. d0n w0rry, im that cheerful:)
alt0ugh, behind all th0se smile, will be tears, but h0r,
heehees. love is nothing lah.
not he win, jiu shi i lose. tats all:))
i wont do stupid things also.
thanks f0r audrey&j0leen f0r c0mment
& bilian f0r tml sweets & c0ns0ling,
luke f0r helping me t0 find 0ut the truth,
thanks f0r everything,
em0 is my life, s0, its n0t wierd t0 see me em0-ing in sch00l,
but, guess i w0nt emo, c0s, xinr0u will keep make me laugh till peng wan.

thanks f0r reading,


10:24 AM

m0rning p0st here,
i d0nn0 wads g0ing 0n,
just viewed mr h00ns pr0file, he deleted all my c0mments,
he didnt featured me anym0re,
he canceled his sh0ut0ut,
he didnt write i met her, & stuff anym0re.
what the fcuk is g0ing 0n?
we break ler ahs?!!!
i d0nn0 anything.
everything bec0mes s0 fucked up,
why i d0n even kn0w we already break ler?

ii realise WE BREAK LER.
he is s0 irresponsible,
leave with0ut saying anything, even break.
please, im n0t a t0y,
wan jiu play with it, d0n wan jiu dump it,
y0u b0 lan jia0 si b0?
knn, wan break b0 ji tell me ah?
i really regret for all the things i did for this idiot,
im really broken down.
i hate you,
i wish, i wont get to see you again,
fuck off, moron.
everything is your fcking lies.
ii really really have nothing to say luhs.
when i trying t0 f0rget the pr0blems & want t0 ha0ha0 l0ve y0u,
den y0u already silent break with me ler.
wad have i d0ne wr0ng?

im not your toy okay.


till n0w i still haven recieve his call yet,
i really hope he can tell me wads the reason for doing all this,
& maybe i can change when i have a new stead bahs.
just n0w went t0 883 de buy f00d eat,
saw kahkin& his family,
h0pe he didn't saw me, c0s i wear until like fck,
i w0re de pink&black strip shirt, & a black sh0rts.
is super paiseh de luhs.
s0,i faster walk pass him h0pe he didnt saw me,
friends, im n0t sad, just abit 0f disapp0inted,
i didn't cry, but, just dr0pped tears,
i realise, all things i did is just a n0nsense,
i wish, i'll never fall in love again.
di0n smsed me t0day m0rning,
kelvin h0ney called me just n0w,
s0&s0, & im n0t h0ngster,c0s, is they called me,
n0t i called them alright.
&& nelson, i really need to kn0w wads wr0ng 0kay,
s0rry f0r being harsh f0r sc0lding all th0se fcking things,
but, i just cant t0lerate f0r being f00led 0kays.
at night will p0st again bahs.
kinda b0ring, watching channel 8 de sh0w,
seems rather funny,
h0pe i will laugh bahs.
sch00ling t0mm0r0w,
h0pe everything will be fine,
& nels0n,even if we cant be stead,
i still treat y0u as friend, there is n0 p0int f0r y0u t0 av0id me,at all.

Saturday, April 12, 2008 6:11 PM

fuck love
T0day, kinda b0ring, stayed at h0me f0r wh0le day,
having light fever t0day~
m0rning was waiting f0r mr h00n's call,
wait wait wait, den he finally called me at 1plus,
he ytd late sleep, s0, late wake up uhs.
sighs, talk f0r few mins, he say he need help his m0ther d0 things,
after that, i jiu g0 change my bl0gskin luhs.
den he called, n0t l0ng ag0, ask me wan g0 k-b0x ma,
dia0, sian dia0, rejected:) was chatting 0nline with friends.
i really feel very dulan de is,
b0ut privacy again, i kn0w its n0t y0ur fault lah,
but, its very unfair t0 me 0kays, im n0t being unreas0nable,
its that, i need s0me privacy things, wad if i wan t0 tell y0u s0mething very private?
den it w0nt be a secret ler luhs. all y0ur friends will get t0 kn0w wads de c0ntent lia0.
really, its n0t the first time lia0, s0mem0re, even if y0u d0n mind, i mind 0kays.
&& i feel very paiseh t0 let ppl see th0se letter, i d0n let my friends see at ALL.
i kn0w y0u didnt let them see, but, its very unfair f0r me cans?!
sighs. this pr0blem w0nt be s0lved bahs. really kinda heart breaking y0u kn0w,
its like, why ppl wanna see th0se letter? it d0n really c0ncern them alrights.
kinda pekcek 0f everything thats happening n0wadays,
i guess, i need s0me time f0r myself t0 think carefully wad i really want.
i cant take it easy y0u kn0w?! its like, pe0ple kn0w wad thing i want t0 share with y0u,
& 0nli y0u, why can y0u s0 easy let them get th0se letter?
i really feel that y0ur friends never respect me, at all luhs.
hais. i really d0nn0 wad t0 say, seri0usly b0weig0ng,
im really tired lerh. all this n0nsense, is killing me man.
i pr0mise, i w0nt wanna write a single letter n0r c0mments f0r y0u.
n0 matter h0w much i want t0, i will st0p myself fr0m writing,
c0s, since it cant be just me& y0u seeing it, than i might as well let the wh0le w0rld n0.
i never blame y0u, but, just kinda sad,angry&dulan 0ver this luhs:[
but, wad is d0ne,cann0t be und0ne, i've g0t n0thing t0 say ler...

Readers, i have just changed my bl0gskins,
&& bl0g s0ng had been changed t00,
tis s0ng reminds me 0f h0liday life, LOVESSS IT:)
thanks f0r c0ming my bl0g:)


Everything seems..BETTER n0w...
Friday, April 11, 2008 7:12 PM

Today went t0 sch00l as n0rmal luhs,
m0rning can say is super tired, d0n feel like g0ing sch00l, at all.
but, in de end, still went luhs[x
den kn0w fr0m audrey that m0dern dance is till 4pm t0day,
due t0 malay b0ys have t0 g0 f0r prayers,,brian w0nt be c0ming back anym0re,
kinda sad, but, i really wish t0 kn0w the truth 0f everything.
i really h0pe brian is n0t tat kind 0f pers0n bahs.
its sad that mrs shama said: "brian d0esn't want y0u anym0re" !
kinda heart breaking luhs:(
i t0t t0day was ass birthday, but, they said was yesterday,
i sian dia0s,hmmmmms, paiseh lehss:X
errrrr. at ss less0n, teacher give me 1 apolo biscuit, c0s, i g0t d0 w0rk,
HEEHEES[x mai sia0sia0 h0r=X
after sch0ol, ate at canteen, den MR AUTOMATIC saw me , he say t0 me a very gentle de,
BYEBYE, i was like, er, why he like bec0me s0 E.M.O?
dia0s, den after eating g0 change cl0thes jiu g0 f0r dance ler, started 0nli at 2.30,
dear called me, den he smsed me 2 times,
a new instruct0r came, is a female, she teaches us JAZZ.
the s0ng was super nice, im in l0ve wid that japan s0ng:))
err, met dear at mrt entrance, waited f0r 20mins,
after that went t0 walk walk at cwp luhs.
we seems drifted apart:(
but, wad can i d0 than, let it be bahs...
passed 2letters t0 dear, 0ne is i write t0day de,
si bei l0ng, hand super tiredd,
he wanted t0 take ph0t0 in de bus derh, i d0n wan,
c0s, i prefered t0 take during sat/sun.
den he pei me bused h0me den he jiu c0ntinue bused t0 cwp luhs:]

h0pe, everything will be s0lved s00n bahs^^


Everything isn't my desire , im fallingg..
Thursday, April 10, 2008 5:50 PM

Today normal sch00l,
hmmms, in sch00l, quite fun & 0f c0urse sad is f0r sure,
i really hen stress, fr0m ytd, i very stress & tired,
my eye lid bec0mes m0re & m0re heavier,
my head g0ing bigger&bigger, many things g0ing in,
cann0t c0me 0ut , stuck inside,
thanks t0 kamen, kenny, audrey&bilian.
f0r c0ns0ling me,
kenny, wh0 taught me, h0w t0 l0ve s0me0ne in a c0rrect way,
kamen, taught me h0w t0 st0p quarell wid friends & handle LOVE.
audrey&bilian , keep brain-washing me.
thanks f0r all y0ur helps.
LOVE, isn't that w0nderful luhs.
i believe, i will 0nly trust me,myself,
every0ne can leave me& i can leave any0ne, but,
just n0t myself, teacher say bef0re, whenever y0u wan t0 break wid s0me0ne,
y0u must n0t regret, n0w, we are still t0gether,
im cherishing bahs, i cant d0 much,
i d0n understand him, neither he understands me,
all this freaking things is stressing me,
i seems s0 stupid, ii feel that, im really s0 unreas0nable?
i d0nn0, i just think that, im n0t.
i d0nn0 wad is l0ve, i d0n kn0w wad is cherish,
i kn0w n0thing. ii h0pe i c0uld have a knife & stab myself.
everything seems rather tied up, my life bec0mes m0re & m0re difficult f0r me,
i d0nn0 wad t0 d0, i will just stand 0ne side, brain wash myself,
he wr0ted c0mment f0r me, he said al0t,
but, s0me thing i never say, he say, i als0 b0weig0ng.
haiis. i really hen STRESS ler.
0h, g0d is s0o unfair t0 mee, whyy?
hais, 0mq, why y0u created me in this way,
i cant cope my studies , friendship,
n0w even in relati0nship. wa lan eh.
i really d0nn0 wads g0ing 0n, im struggling ler.
why everything seems t0 be my fault?
wh0 can really understand me & read my heart & put him/herself int0 my sh0es?
i really hen pek cek ler.
i guess, i need a super cl0se friend t0 share this wid me,
maybe its all my fault bah.
right t0 say, im a bitch , slut, h0ngster 0r wadever,
i d0n care anym0re, hais.
every b0dy can like that say me, they happy they jiu can say luhs.
i really really hen stress ler, studies, relationship.
its all killing me, im a human, i cant take it t00s.
HAIYA, let fate decide than.
i really tried t0 be a g00d girlfriend, but, WO BU PEI,
maybe there are really better girls 0utside bahs.
if y0u f0und a better girl, y0u can g0 f0r it de.
c0s, im n0t the g00dgirls that y0u'll eventually like.
im a vi0lent, rude, stupid, attitude-d, full of vulgarity de sia0 zhar b0r.
im n0t th0se kind 0f g00d girls, && ti0ngxim never die?
i d0n think s0 ler luhs.

i really tried t0 be a g00d girlfriend ler.,
but, t00 bad, i failed t0 d0 my task bahs.
ya, im unreas0nble, maybe y0u can either take it, 0r leave it bahs.
i w0nt blame y0u& i d0n have de right t0 als0..
i really panic-ed . hey b0y, i really d0nn0 h0w t0 make my b0yfriend happy,.
girlfriend&audrey, wad t0 d0? i really tried al0t al0t ler.
i d0n wan t0 dr0p anym0re tears f0r any0ne ler.
i cant cut myself either, if n0t i will be in big tr0uble,
i need t0 find s0meways that i can let 0ff all my pains & stress.
i need c0nselling! s00n mr micheal ye0 will find me als0..
HAIS, im n0t a g00d GIRLFRIEND,
& w0 bu pei,
i d0n deserve y0u bahs.
i sucks, i knew it t00.
im a bitch, f0r life.
everything is a lie,
everything really seems gone...

spammers& wh0 ever wanna kp me,
j0lly well sh00, im n0t in g00d m00d 0kay,
i really super stress ler lah.
i d0n have the m00d t0 play wid y0ur la.
i xia0meimei, 0r wadever, is my taiji.
s0, y0u d0n need t0 care!

Easy t0 say, Hard t0 d0..sighs.STRESSED:
Wednesday, April 9, 2008 6:23 PM

s0me0ne hits me with his PE-t.shirt=X

This was yesterday pictures:D

T0day went t0 sch0ol as per-n0rmal,
sec 2's g0ing f0r camp, sighs, they s0ng luhs, i wan g0 als0 cann0t.
ARGHS, t0day, super funny,
in Chem less0n, HAHAHAAS.lma0s.
de Mr aut0matic g0 fart infr0nt 0f xinr0u& she didnt realise,
den i t0ld her, he farted, she quickly run the de end, i was like,0mq,
is ERXIN wan luhs. b0weig0ng.(NO COMMENTS=X)
den xinr0u quite angry, den d0nn0 why he keep singing a fcking s0ng,
it sucks, s0 irritating, i think is fr0m a vide0 0f p0rn de s0ng.,WA-PIANG-EH.
really b0 wei g0ng lia0s, s0 ----- luhs. BOYS, all de same, b0weig0ng.
den after that, stress, den study study,
c0ns0le kenny, den s0&s0, quite fun t0day,
mrs shama ps less0n made me learned al0t,
t0day t0pic wad "Will Break Up Leads T0 Break D0wn?"
i can say is like, sian dia0, s0 fast jiu teach break up de thing,
den she wan de wh0le class de say s0mething p0sitive when wan t0 say break,
i said " since we aren't happy t0gether, s0 wads the p0int f0r h0lding 0n, thanks f0r the mem0ries& i'll remember y0u" l0ls. lame ass h0r?
den still g0t al0t ppl say de " s0rry that i have t0 leave y0u, but, i h0pe that y0u can find a better pers0n in future , since we have n0 fate, i h0pe y0u can find a better bf , thanks f0r the happy m0ments, alth0ugh we cant be c0uple but still can be friends & keep in t0uch" & m0re luhs. 0f c0urse i cant remember..
after sch00l, went cwp, m0s burger,
girls talk time, me,audrey&bilian chatted f0r b0ut 1h0urs &
explaining everything b0ut l0ve, i feel much better telling all th0se things,
i think they understand h0w i feel bahs. haiis. kinda stress up.
hmms, its a best day, where we 3 can sit d0wn & talk t0gether.
c0mment 0n each an0ther& b0yfriends talk :)
i feel better:DDD
well, dear called me, he didnt sch t0day, c0s he wad late, if late will get suspend, s0 rather d0n sch t0day:) dia0s, den after sch00l, he called me als0, den he said the repair c0m de c0ming his hse t0day, den he never c0me wdl ler luhs.
sighs, when will we meet again? tml, art club, fri-dance. sighs.
0h dear, i have al0t 0f things i wanted t0 tell y0u, but, i d0n have de c0urage& i just cant say it 0ut bah. why g0d is s0 unfair t0 me?
hais, really stressed up.
L.O.V.E is s0 c0mplicated:(

thanks reader.



Everything seems rather gone, nor soon gone bahs.
i really d0nn0 wads happening,
maybe g0d is f00ling me, everything seems s0 unfair,
i seems s0 stupid like a f00l,
my m00d is super bad&& all this lanjia0 things happen t0 me,
wapiang eh. wads g0ing 0n?
i d0nn0 wad i want, i d0n n0 wad i need, im stucked!

0h,b0y, i w0nder are we stead 0r super cl0se friends?
its n0t that wad y0u did wr0ng, n0r im being unreas0nable,
its that, y0u seems rather change since the de first day i kn0w y0u,
fr0m friends ---stead.
hais, i really very disapp0inted in y0u,reallly,
y0u said, y0u will call me after eat, & y0u said this at b0ut 7.
&& y0u called me at 10plus, c0me0n, y0u eat f0r 3hrs?
&& even if y0u help y0ur mum, als0 d0n need 3hrs,
n0t im unreas0nable, is that, i really l0st faith in y0u ler.
i d0nn0 why i s0 disapp0inted in y0u,
i feel that, the feeling is t0tally different n0w.
maybe, we really d0esn't have the fate 0r wadever.
i really d0nn0 wad t0 d0, can y0u tell me?
i tried t0 be a g00d gf, but, s0mething i really cant take it, i w0nt f0rce myself t0 take it,
im freaking sick, y0u seems rather b0 chap. wad y0u wan me t0 d0?
maybe its my fault 0r wad, 0r maybe i said s0mething wr0ng, den i apoligise,
but, wad i wanna say is, i really tried my best ler,.
i d0n wan t0 hurt y0u 0r myself m0re in de end,
i l0ve y0u, but, things y0u did disapp0inted me & keep making my feeling fade.
i really d0nn0 wad can i d0 t0 satisfied y0u can?
everything seems g0ne..
i realise, even n0t break up, it can leads t0 break d0wn.
i guess, im br0ken d0wn..
the faith, i losted, w0nt c0me back anym0re...

♥BOYfriend is LOVED:DD
Tuesday, April 8, 2008 6:22 PM

T0day went t0 sch00l as n0rmal,
in de bus time,MR AUTOMATIC say i totally lo0ks like, JIANG SHI,vampire.
LOLS. i was like, super angry, ROARS, s0o angry:(( r0ars, actually n0 lah,
hahas, never angry, arghs, den reach sch00l, g0 f0r m0rning run,
den after that jiu g0t 5free peri0ds, maths 2peri0d, art 3peri0ds, LOLSS:DD
den jiu recess, buy f00d, lucky queue still sh0rt, den buy rice jiu eat ler,
was smsing wid ddear in class, HAHAS.
den s0 & s0, eng less0n, d0 c0mp0, den mt, watch de "you hua jiu shuo"
l0ls. sighs, tiredd:(
after that, meet dear, at first his m0ther say he g0 tuiti0n, i chuah sai,
i t0t he neveer c0me again, awwwws. quite sad luhs.
after that when i at mrt pei bilian g0 find MR YEO, dear called me,
w0w, finally, den i jiu tell him luhs, den he jiu c0me find us first,
luke all was late, c0s he g0 cut hair, den me,dear&bilian walk walk at tpy.
den we was like, talking b0ut pervert thing, && BIO .
dear say bilian V. pervert c0s she take bi0,hmmmmms. LOLS.
den after that meet them at ock, den they s0me wan g0 0rchard, s0me d0n wan,
den dear jiu sent me h0me, in de train, de KS keep disia0sia0,ARGHS.
den i pinch him bef0re that he jiu g0 bully dear, WALAOS.
i n0 he will view my bl0g , KS IS BIG BULLY:DDD heeheehees[x
dear sent me h0me, den in de bus time saw chiehua aka (ZHI.AN)
den i was like,shyshy, dear jiu say, y0u will shy de meh?
i was like , r0ars, i wanna kill him ler lah.
s0&s0, reach ler, jiu byebye:)
den i jiu g0 h0me ler luhs.

dear, thanks f0r meeting t0day,
s0rry that my m00d my swinging,
c0s, im n0t in g00d m00d, like, d0nn0 h0w t0 say luhs.
just im s0o s0rry, i really m00d V.l0w...
call me s00n yeah. LOVESSSS:DDDD


Monday, April 7, 2008 5:03 PM

Today went t0 sch00l as n0rmal, in math class was kinda fun,
al0t 0f j0kes, after that wad recess, waiting f0r MR-HOON's call,
while waiting, i was eating, alvin came t0 sit beside me, due t0 n0 space ler,
s0, b0 bian, but, he sat beside my bag, he disia0 MR-HOON den i angry,
den ii jiu make him den de chai behind me, accidentally de rice dr0pped 0n me!!!
ROARS. super dulan, den s0o fucking dirty & 0ily, ARGHS.
super dulan&angry 0kays!!! den i was like, stepping 0n de rice,
but, i d0n care la, super angry ler, busy cleaning up myself time,hu cares,
den kenny tell me, i stepped 0n de rice, den i jiu tell him s0?
den we jiu sc0ld here sc0ld there luhs. i that time really in bad m00d ler ma,
den till n0w we still haven talk luhs.
HAHAS. after that kn0w that dear w0nt be able t0 c0me w00dlands,
sad. den ii was like, hais, never mind luhs...
SIGHS. b0weig0ng, s0 n s0, chinese class, c0py damn l0t 0f things,
after that went t0 eat @ canteen, jiu g0 f0r hair cut,
den jiu g0- cwp buy hairclip&c0mb
de audrey buy b-day cake&wax.
den jiu went h0me,
t00k same bus as haziqah:)


i feel that, y0u l0ve f0r me had faded away ler.haiis,
i just g0t the feeling luhs.
wads g0ing 0n? i really d0nn0.
i just have de sense that y0ur l0ve had faded,
HAIS, wadever it is,
i will still cherish when i still have y0u bahs.
i really LOVE you,endlessly..
i h0pe y0u understand,
TIONGXIM , is n0t easy t0 f0rget derh.
i d0n wanna l0se y0u my dear,
i d0n wanna see everything g0ne.


time t0 sleep s00n, just chatted wid la0q0nq 0n ph0ne,he seems t0 be very tired,he didnt tell me,but, he just like,talking more&more soft, i know he is tired, & asked him t0 g0 bed now, he is w0rried that i'll be angry, LOLS,i n0t s0 petty lah,0nli will disia0 awhile 0nli, den we was like,0kay,bye,g00dnight, den t0day is de 2nd time i tell him ILOVEYOU on phone, he was like,super happy,he shouted,YEAH, i was like,,errrr,dia0,s0 excited f0r? he say, finally,dia0s. c0s,i everytime at living room,so,cann0t say,hahas,ILOVEHIMLAH, fr0m n0w, i'll trust his feelings f0r me, he is c0ming t0 meet me t0m0rr0w,super duper HAPPY&EXCITED:DD I LOVE>>MR.HOON(la0q0nq):DD

Sunday, April 6, 2008 4:45 PM

Today,w0ke up very early again,
n0thing t0 d0, wash up, use c0m:]
den waited f0r MR HOON calls, but, in the end, he never call mee:[
den i called him luhs, he say he charging the h0use ph0ne, call me back later,
den 0kay luhs. after that he called me, he said his c0m s0t s0t, den he g0 make first,
call me back later, in the end,2h0urs passes, i call him & asked, he still making,
den i ask him d0ne ler den call me luhs. den after that i g0 watch tv:D
den n0w chatting with him luhs, he say de d0nn0 wad care de never 0pen t0day,
den s0 & s0, the c0m still haven 0kay, dia0s, i als0 d0nn0 wad happened._.''
never g0 0ut t0day, SUPER SLACK:))
r0ars, my thr0at are fr0m bad t0 w0rst, i have been c0ughing f0r s0o l0ng ler,
till n0w still haven 0kay yet:( sighhs. d0nn0 h0w,
never see d0ct0r als0 , h0pe ii can get well s00n,
tml scho0ling ler. yawns, s0 sian,
2days passes s0 fast uhs?! SUPER SIAN_l_
i really miss dear super duper much lahs.
at h0me als0 quite sian , played de 0nline game,
bl0gging, friendster 0nli, im kinda BORED...
n0w dear chatting wid the ahb0y? guess s0o. den i hen sian luhs.
sighhhs. NEVERMIND bahs.

thanks j0leen f0r chatting wid me 0n msn t0day:)
have a great time chatting with her& its 0ur first time 0n msn.

i love my boyfriend l0ts:D
everything might change,
but, my feeling f0r him w0n't change derhhs:)

Saturday, April 5, 2008 10:41 PM

stupid& f0olish girl, CONNIE:]
ii thinks 0f y0u,every single sec0nds in my life=]
MR HOON,is forever loved by ME:DD
Cousin's is alwayss LOVED:D
mee & my sister, l0vess zilians, tis is 0ur reflections:)
US again, reflecti0nsss;D
went t0 eat, & t00k a pic 0ff 0pp,nice view:)

Today, m0rning very early wake up ler,
waited f0r dear calls, super w0rry b0ut him nehs,
c0s, he never call me ytd,
den b0ut 12, he saw his friendster c0mment & called me ASAP,
he explained t0 me, i never angry bahs, c0s, at least he explained t0 mee:D
i l0ve him lahs, hais, tml bilian g0ing malaysia, den als0 d0nn0 wad time c0me back,
tat means i cant meet baby ler luhs:[

alright, went t0 grandma h0use t0day, as think g0t what 0ccasi0n,
den ate at her h0use, after that chatted wid baby, after that went t0 ikea,
sh0p f0r the wh0le day lehs, can see h0w tired am ii?r0ars.
sighhs, been there f0r b0ut 6-7h0urs luhs,
when in my uncle car, watch ALVIN&THE CHIPMUNKS,
l0lss. super cuteeeeee:DDD
den went t0 walk walk, i super in l0ve with 0ne bedd:DD
HAHAHAS, zilian quite l0ts, ph0t0 will be upl0aded s00n:)
well, walk walk walk, hungry lerhs, b0ut 3plus reach, 5plus g0 eat,
but, all FRIED FOOD, my throat super baddddd:((
keep c0ughing since m0rning, everytime wake up,
jiu very xinku, r0ars, i miss my b0yfriend!!!x(
well, after that, c0ntinue walking, see see, den chat with dear, after he wake up,
den my auntie daughters came, den played, den they hungry,
den my auntie g0 buy nuggets f0r them first, den went yishun f0r dinner,
i ate n00dles, super spicy, && my thr0at hurts,
den jiu c0me h0me, called baby, && bathe, called him again,
den i kn0w he very tired, jiu ask him g0 0rh0rh first n0rhs,
den i use c0m, jiu g0 SLEEP=X

dear, i felt s0 helpless, when i kn0w that, y0ur father are nagging at y0u,
alth0ugh, its n0t caused my mee, but, i still feels that, im s0 useless,
its just like, seeing y0u stressed up& i cant d0 anything,
i ap0ligize f0r wad ii cant d0 as a stead, i kn0w, im n0t perfect & im n0t g00d GF,
but, i will try t0 be a g00d girlfriend, alrights? y0u're my g00d b0yfriend;
& il0vey0u l0ts. seeing y0u stressed up, i feel heart br0ken, its just like, my heart scattered, i wish, i can be there f0r y0u, when y0u need me,
but, baby, i wanna let y0u kn0w, even if i cant d0 my best f0r y0u, but, i will definitely try my best t0 make y0u happy, y0u b0ught laughter t0 my life,
seeing y0u tired, i really wish that i can sleep beside, hugging y0u all day l0ng,
but, i cant, but, i wish y0u c0uld sleep well:) dear, i w0nder, when will we, h0ld 0ur hands walking d0wn streets& @ sh0pping centre?._. cant imagine it luhs.
r0ars, i will d0 my best t0 make y0u happy & the m0st xingfu guy in the w0rld:)
remember, i will d0 my best, just f0r y0u, BABY:D y0u are my sweetest addicti0n;
i h0pe we can last l0ng bah, d0n fade the feelings f0r me 0kays.
y0u are my deepest l0ving baby prince b0yfriendd:DD
i l0ve y0u, bec0s y0u have a special place in my heart,

i should have known from the start
but too bad, it's too late
hello! my name is connie and i'm tall precisely. i love a bit of mischief and i'm obsessed with dance. i am fair and i love outdoor because i can feel the world closer to me . i have long hair and i usually tie them up into a pony tail with pieces of hairclips on my head. i am active in school and i love exams. i love my girls and my boyfriend. i'm in pure madness i know, but dont worry, i'm sane :)
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I'm Connie , a lil above fifteeeeen.
I'm a December baby, my b'day falls on th 6th (: .
I adore my girls, boyfriend & close ones.
I'm taken on 26thJune2009 , 1:33pm by ♥ Muhd Zulfadly .
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
I love my life , talk all your shit , as if i give a fuck.

MSN: Connie_yoz@hotmail.com

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